Kidnapping suspect, a repeat offender

Paul Santos Mafnas targeted minor girls, abducting them from bus stops and raping them. (PNC photo)

“The Guam sex offender registry shows that Mafnas was convicted in 1999 of kidnapping and raping several young girls. He is a level one sexual offender.”

Guam – With only a picture of the suspect’s vehicle, it took authorities over 24-hours to locate and arrest the man accused of kidnapping a ten-year old girl, and the suspect has committed the same crimes before.

53-year old, Paul Santos Mafnas pulled up in his silver Rav 4 along side a little girl who was walking behind the Docomo Building in Tamuning on Thursday morning, forcing the child into his car using a gun.

For half an hour, the child’s whereabouts were unknown and while Guam Police Department provided little details about what Mafnas did to the child after kidnapping her, arresting documents indicate that Mafnas attempted to rape the minor before digitally penetrating her.

Court documents state that he pointed the gun at the ten-year old and told her to “do what the f–  I tell you.” He instructed her to take off her clothes, and out of fear, the girl complied.

“The survivor in this with this ordeal has the courage to really relive by providing information to the officers by giving accurate information that really aided in their investigation,” Sgt. Paul Tapao said in an interview with Patti Arroyo at K57.

It was on Saturday that detectives tracked down the silver Rav 4, which led them to the arrest of the Mangilao resident.

On Facebook, Mafnas appears to be a family man, married with children. His Facebook provides a glimpse into his life. He appears to be an upstanding citizen involved in community efforts to protect the island’s environment but seemingly changing his life around following his early release from prison in 2014.

Court documents state that Mafnas admitted to police that “sexually assaulting female minors is an addiction of his that he can’t resist.”

Mafnas is now held on a $250,000 cash bail. He was formally charged with kidnapping, first and second-degree criminal sexual conduct with a special allegation of use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a felony and vulnerable victims enhancement.

Targeted minor girls

The Guam sex offender registry shows that Mafnas was convicted in 1999 of kidnapping and raping several young girls, he is a level one sexual offender.

According to court records, Mafnas targeted minor girls ranging in age from 13-years old to 18–years old, abducting them from bus stops and raping them.

In the reported cases, girls were abducted from the Dededo and Tumon areas. For these cases he pleaded guilty to six counts of first and second-degree criminal sexual conduct and was to serve 27 years in prison.

However, according to court documents, Mafnas was let out on early parole in 2014 but his five-year parole was cut short. His MO appears to remain the same as the incident of the child abduction on Thursday.

Mafnas’ case also raised the question whether authorities are keeping tabs on sexual offenders.

Senior Probation Officer Ruben Payumo has previously said, to keep sex offenders in check on island. Payumo’s office, along with authorities, make home visits four times a year to ensure the accuracy of information provided in the registry.

But as for notifying the victims that an offender is out in the community, that is not part of the sex offender registry’s mission. They are not required to make contact with the victims.

Children are the most vulnerable victims

This year, several bills have been introduced that are geared toward criminal sexual conduct crimes. Speaker Tina Muna Barnes introduced Bill 51-35 which would prohibit judges from applying the existing safety valve law on any case that involves the criminal sexual conduct of a minor.

She said, “Children are the most vulnerable victims in the community and deserve the utmost protection. This statutory amendment serves to deter sexual predators from targeting these vulnerable victims and sends a message to these predators that the consequences of their actions will be severe.”

Muna-Barnes added, “If you commit a sex crime against a minor, I want it to be clear, that there is no way to get out of it.”

Meanwhile, Sen. “Pedo” Terlaje’s Bill 52-50 creates mandatory minimum sentences for repeat sex offenders.

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