Students, parents preparing for first day of school

Schools are reopening in the midst of a COVID surge. (PNC file photo)

With school buses set to go to the streets and teachers ready to open their doors, PNC reporter Amanda Dedicatoria asked how families have been getting ready for the new school year.

With the start of the school year just one day away, PNC checked in with a couple of parents from our local community to see how they’re preparing their kids for their classes.

For Kisha, a mother residing in the village of Agat, she feels ready to bring her two sons, Kayen and Keagan, out of the house and back to school.

“We’re trying to get them on the sleeping early and yeah, that’s about it,” Kisha said.

As for Kayen and Keagan, who spent their summer playing games and going to their grandma’s house, this is what they had to say when asked about what they liked about school.

What do you like about school? “Um, playing!” Keagan said.

“I like earning, having fun, and meeting your friends every day and that’s it,” Kayen said.

And as for Piuner, a resident of Toto, he says that preparing his excited seven-year-old daughter has been keeping him and his family busy looking for school supplies and uniforms.

“She said she wants to go back to school. She loves school so much,” Piuner said.

“I really want her to go back because she said she’s bored staying at home, so she wants to school so that she can enjoy it with her classmates,” Piuner added.

School for public students on the island will officially start tomorrow, August 13th. For information about preparing your child for the new school year, head to the Back to School Information page on