Kilili:”We Must Learn to Live With Body Scanners and Pat Downs”


Guam – For CNMI Delegate Gregorio Kilili C. Sablan, the new pat-down procedures and introduction of a full body scanner at the Francisco C. Ada-Saipan International Airport is something the traveling public must learn to endure until new, less invasive technology is developed for searches.

He said the new security procedures implemented by the Transportation and Security Administration is the reality the world now lives with as long as there are terrorists out there who want to attack.

Sablan said TSA, which deployed the full body scanner at the airport on Monday, should figure out a better way to ensure the traveling public’s safety without infringing too much on their civil liberties.

He said one way to accomplish that is to support TSA’s efforts to develop less invasive screening procedures and technology.

Senate floor leader Pete Reyes on Tuesday criticized TSA’s new full body scanners, describing it as “tantamount to having a free porno show” at the airport.

But acting governor Eloy Inos thinks there’s no malicious intent. He says the scanners are for the safety of the traveling public. Inos said the debate on the matter is healthy and beneficial and the people will soon realize they’re needed to ensure safety.

Mark Rabago, PNC News, Saipan.