‘Kisses in Malesso’ project comes just in time for Valentine’s Day

Each lip will cost $5 and proceeds will go to San Dimas and Our Lady of Rosary Catholic Church in Merizo. (PNC photo)

Team SMC Merizo is currently conducting another project which is “Kisses in Malesso.”

The “Kisses in Malesso” project has individuals dedicating a kiss with the name of a loved one on a mini lip.

Each lip will cost $5 and proceeds will go to San Dimas and Our Lady of Rosary Catholic Church in Merizo.

Father Julius Akinyemi of the Merizo Catholic Church says the church still carries its mission and the COVID-19 pandemic has affected those who seek consultation at their practices.

In an interview with PNC, Father Julius explains how this donation will help the church.

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“It is a tremendous help to the church because we still have a loan for the mortgage that we are still paying to build the San Dimas church 21 years ago. We still have a lot to pay off the mortgage. God gives us a family to come up with a bright idea to do a simple move in a nice way to help the church that would bring the community out. The proceeds will go to the church to pay off the mortgage. This is out of love, voluntary work, and charity,” he said.

Team SMC will be set up every Saturday and Sunday for the month of February at the Heart of Malesso next to the bell tower for those interested in donating to this project.

The goal is to have 2,000 lip dedications by the end of the month which would equal $10,000 according to Abby Cruz.

Thus far, a total of 220 lips have already been dedicated.

In addition, the “Heart of Malesso” has been restored by the Cruz family just in time for Valentine’s Day.

The wooden display was vandalized Christmas evening and has been one of the popular spots on the island, especially for those taking Instagram photos.

According to Merizo residents Abby and Steven Cruz, it took about one day to repair and paint the heart.

Team SMC Merizo thanks the island community for making Malesso’s 2nd annual Coconut Christmas Tree successful.

However, the time has come for Team SMC Merizo to move forward with their next project, which means the coconut Christmas tree has been brought down.

The team invites all artists to claim their coconuts any time throughout the day or during the weekends from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

The Cruzes said a big thank you to all who contributed to the tree, from those who provided coconuts, families that showcased their artwork by painting, and to those who dropped off food and drinks to their hard-working team.

The Cruzes added that about 1500 coconuts were painted and they are planning on a 3rd annual Coconut Christmas Tree this year.

For more details, you can check out their social media pages @SMC Merizo