Klitzkie Says Legislative FOIA Council Accomplished Nothing


Klitzkie Says Two FOIA Complaints Against Legislature Were Never Resolved 

Guam – Former Senator Bob Klitzkie says that the legislature’s Freedom of Information Act Council that he was a member of was a waste of time.



 Klitzkie says he doesn’t see a need to revive the council after it’s term expired at the end of 2014. Klitzkie says the council didn’t accomplish anything and he says that 2 of the three complaints that the council received were complaints against the legislature. He says these two complaints against the legislature were never resolved. “I put an awful lot of time in and a lot of other people put a lot of time in. There were a lot of papers filed but absolutely nothing was accomplished at the end because there were three complaints filed with the council two of which were against the legislature and there was no resolution,” said Klitzkie. The former Senator says that  the last time the FOIA council met was September of last year.