Kmart-JFK intersection bus stop and rain shelter proposed for tourists and students

Artist's rendition of proposed Kmart-JFK bus stop and rain shelter (GVB photo)

The Guam Visitors Bureau is planning to construct a new bus stop-rain shelter at the intersection of Kmart and John F. Kennedy High School.

GVB President Carl Gutierrez said they got the idea for the shelter after seeing tourists on their way to Kmart being drenched in the rain while waiting for the traffic light to change so they can cross.

“That is a very busy intersection so people just can’t go there and cross the road, especially when it’s raining,” Gutierrez said during Tuesday’s GVB board meeting.

He added that this shelter is not just for tourists but also for students who are waiting to be picked up by their parents or who want to go to Kmart to wait for their rides.

Gutierrez said they are now getting estimates of how much it would cost to build such a bus stop-rain shelter.