Know Your Vote with Yigo Vice Mayoral Candidate Katherine Martir


Katherine Martir worked for the Bank of Guam for 30 years.

Guam – Katherine Martir is a first time candidate for the vice mayor office in the village of Yigo. She explains why she decided to run.

I’m a people person and I just retired at the bank and I love doing what I do best, which is helping people, leading them in the right, positive direction. I wanna see what I can do to help them,” Martir says.

Martir is a graduate of the Guam Community College and pursued some higher education while working for the Bank of Guam. She talks about her career as a banker.

“I’ve ben working for the Bank of Guam for 30 years,” she explains. “I’ve learned a lot.”

She adds: “Back then it was really hard working and going to the school at the same time so I put all my mind into the bank and became what I am or what I ended up which was managing the branches and helping people.”

Some of the issues important to her are in assisting the manam’ko, the youth and the young adults of her village.

“One most important in my field is helping the manam’ko. Being the manager of the bank I got to visit with the mayor’s office quite often and each time I visited the manam’ko section, I just see them playing bingo and just having lunch and I think that they need more than that, I feel that they need more,” she says. “The children, I really wanna help mold these children. I grew up in Yigo and I’ll never forget having activities from that the mayor’s office did. We had night activities, gatherings for the young teenagers and it was chaperoned and stuff like that and we don’t have those anymore.”

One of her goals she would like to accomplished if voted into the Yigo Vice Mayor office is improving communication.

“I know there’s a lack of communication there because being at the bank, a lot of issues has always come to me. Although I’m not the mayor, I have nothing to do with the government, they came to me but I assisted them as best I could,” she notes.

So why should the people of Yigo vote for Katherine Martir?

“Because I get the job done. I don’t make promises I don’t keep and I don’t have the answers for everything, but I will seek the answers,” she says.