Kontra I Piligru tests local and federal first responders


Full-scale emergency exercises included high intensity incidents in controlled areas.

Guam – Guam Homeland Security’s “Kontra I Piligru” exercises have been in effect since 9:00 this morning, which included simulated bomb detonations.

Guam Homeland Security PIO Jenna Gaminde says a simulated chlorine spill was conducted in a controlled area at the Tanguisson power plant near Two Lovers Point.

According to a release, other exercises included an active shooter scenario at the District Court and Northern Public Health, as well as simulated roadside bomb and helicopter medical evacuation at Andersen South.

Over 25 agencies are participating with the Guam National Guard in areas all throughout the island. All exercises were closely monitored to ensure the safety of the public.

The exercises will continue throughout the evening and Wednesday morning.