Korea-Guam Marketing Committee Celebrates Jin AIr Anniversary With Guam Visit


Guam – The Korea Guam Marketing Committee commemorated the first anniversary of Korea-based Jin Air International with a visit to Guam from April 21-24, to meet incoming GVB Board of Directors and explore the island.

The group, comprised of leading travel and tour agents from South Korea, included Ki Su Park of Jin Air, who joined on hotel inspections and meetings to share information about the ongoing “Clean and Safe” campaign under way in Korea.

Other attendees included Ok Ju Kim of YB Tour, Hyun Chang Lee of Mode Tour, Joon Ho Moon of Online Tour, Sang Hyu Kim of Very Good Tour, Hyun Suk Kwon of Lotte JTB, Woo Sun Lim of Redcap Tour, Tae Kun Ko of Hana Tour, Chae Man Lim of Hanjin Travel, Joo Hyun No of Tour 2000, and Young Ae Jan of Interpark.

“Since Jin Air arrived on Guam last April, our arrivals have increased more than 60%,” said GVB General Manager Joann Camacho. “We continue to work toward keeping those numbers up through our partnership with Jin Air, which has continually expressed confidence in our market.”

Jin Air, a low-cost carrier from Korea, began daily flights from Icheon International Airport to Guam on April 20, 2010. The airline, a subsidiary of Korean Air, began operations in July 2007 with 14,200 flights and worked with the United States FAA for almost two years in order to start direct service to Guam.

The 12-member delegation and GVB Korea marketing representative Henry Lee of TLK Marketing secured accommodations at Pacific Islands Club during their stay.