Korean community students, Rotary Club of Northern Guam to help out at DYA

DYA presentation at Rotary Club of Northern Guam. (PNC photo by Julianne Hernandez)

In line with Youth Service Month, the Department of Youth Affairs was given an opportunity to make a presentation before the Rotary Club of Northern Guam and Korean community students.

DYA Deputy Director Krisinda Aguon says that this was the perfect time to talk to other youths about their program and how their clients can look to these students as positive role models.

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“It really is our hope that they can lead by example and when we think of mentorship, it’s not necessarily adults who have lived their lives and their careers. It’s also about getting the youth to become peers and become mentors so they can curb negative behaviors, bad experiences, and negative experiences. So it is my hope they will come out in full force and assist these kids in making good decisions,” Aguon said.

Han Kook Wholesale Distributor Ina Lee says the Korean community students were at the meeting as part of their community service.

Lee says that they plan to have the students continue their volunteer work and education.

She hopes the students would not only show DYA clients positive mentorship but also learn more about the department’s services and clients as well.

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“Because they’re unaware of what DYA is about and today is especially Korean Children’s Day, May 5th, we want them to learn what DYA is all about and that if they themselves need help, DYA is open for 24 hours. The counselor and the therapy is there to give them a chance to learn whenever they need help,” Lee said.

Lee is currently talking with DYA deputy director Aguon on making arrangements for the Korean community students to start volunteering at DYA.

This is DYA’s second year working with the Rotary Club of Northern Guam.

Deputy Aguon says the club has helped the department through donations from clothing to food preparations for their clients.