VIDEO: Ku Family Believes Song Should Now Be Charged With Murder


Guam – The family of  Yunmo Ku is in mourning. Mourning for a 27 year old son who died Friday night at Guam Memorial Hospital.

He died after his mother, Young Sook Ku-Hong, made the difficult decision to authorize doctors to turn off the machines that were keeping her son alive.

Yunmo’s uncle, John Jun flew in from Dallas to be with his sister.

“Obviously my sister, the mother, it was very difficult for her,” said Jun. “You can imagine what it is like raising a child for 27 years and losing him in one night. For her there were many difficult decisions that she had to make.  And obviously one of them was to let him go, finally, because he was considered brain dead and was not able to breath on his own.”

Yunmo Ku fell into a coma last Monday, after a fight outside the Sing-a-Song Cafe in Harmon early last Saturday morning. 40 year old Jimmy Chin Song has been accused in the incident. But, so far, he has only been charged with Aggravated Assault.

Song’s defense attorney, Randy Cunliffe, told PNC News that Song accidentally walked inside a karaoke room at the Cafe where Yunmo and his girlfriend were. And he said that Yunmo later challenged Song. “He was defending himself,” said Cunliffe. And the attorney claims that Song threw only one punch at Ku, after Ku assaulted him first.

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The Ku family sees it differently. In the magistrate’s report, Ku’s girlfriend, Sabrina Mabanta, says Song entered their karaoke room twice, not once. And,  she says, as they were leaving,  it was Song that challenged Yunmo to step outside, not the other way around..

“He’s claiming that he threw the punch in self defense. We don’t believe that,” said Jun. “Of course that remains to be seen, whether he could actually prove that. But we know for a fact that he [Song] threw the punch and he [Ku] went into a coma. And we believe that there was more than just one punch.”

Yunmo worked as the Manger at the family owned 7 Day Super Market off  Route 16 in Harmon. He was known affectionately as Mo. Standing near 6 feet in height and weighing almost 200 pounds, the Ku family points out that if Mo had struck first, Song would have felt the blow.

Jun argued that “If he [Ku] had the intention of hitting him or if he did throw a blow, I would think that the assailant [Song]  also would be hurt somewhat. But if you notice he was not hurt at all,” he said.

But Yunmo was hurt. Badly. He was knocked unconscious, says his girlfriend Sabrina. And when he recovered, she says Ku refused treatment and went home. His condition worsened Sunday.  And when he was taken to GMH,  a CAT scan revealed traumatic brain injury. Ku entered a coma Monday and he was essentially brain dead by Friday.

“We know for sure that the assailant attacked him, hit him and he died from that … and we think that he ultimately ended is life, senselessly.”

At Song’s magistrate hearing Friday, prosecutors said Song could face a homicide charges if  Yunmo dies. Now that he has, the Ku family believes Song should be charged with murder.

Obviously we feel that there should be a murder charge … we can’t tell them how to proceed, but we hope that they do their best in terms of investigation and proceed in this process to bring justice for the family. Not only for the family, but also to prevent any future incident that might affect any other family.”

Rosaries are being said nightly at the Ku family home in Barrigada Heights. Yunmo was baptised a Catholic on his death bed at GMH Friday night, as his mother felt that Mo would have wished.

“James was baptised right before he was pronounced dead. And that decision came because my sister believed that it is something that he would have wanted.”

“What I want people to know is that as a victim’s mother and parent, its something that no parent should endure.”

Funeral arraignments are expected to be finalized later in the week, after the autopsy.