KUAM News issues statement on newscast error; apologizes to DRT director


In follow up to an error broadcasting a KUAM News report featuring DRT Director Dafne Mansapit-Shimizu, KUAM management has reviewed the situation and cause of the error.

In the report, there was an inadvertent graphic referring to the director in derogatory terms. The graphic was not a reflection of an editorial position but a careless error and lapse in judgment by a member of our production staff.

KUAM has dealt with this situation swiftly and taken the appropriate action to try to ensure such individual misjudgments and errors do not happen again.

KUAM management and ownership sincerely apologize to Director Dafne Mansapit-Shimizu and her family for this gross error. Managing Director of KUAM News and Local Productions, Sabrina Salas Matanane expresses her personal apologies to Director Mansapit-Shimizu saying, “We at KUAM News hold Dafne in high esteem and consider her as one of this administration’s best directors. I apologize for this error in judgment by one of our employees and any embarrassment it may have caused Dafne or her family.”

Marie Calvo-Monge, KUAM CEO, currently off-island, also expresses her apologies to Dafne and KUAM’s audience stating, “we regret that this inadvertent yet irresponsible error and lapse in judgment by a staff member was broadcasted. For this, we are truly sorry. By no means was this done as a deliberate act with ill intentions. For it to be categorized as such is truly baseless and an assault on the relationship we have cultivated with Director Manasapit-Shimizu to bring vital information to the community during these very challenging times.”

(KUAM Release)