Kyle Camacho Found Guilty of Kidnapping, Robbery and Terrorizing in January Abduction of Women From Micro Mall


Guam –  (Monday Oct. 28) –  Kyle Indalecio Camacho was found guilty today by a Superior Court Jury after 4 days of trial and a day and a half of thoughtful deliberation. 

 Camacho, who assaulted and then abducted his victim from the Micronesia Mall parking lot, was convicted of kidnapping as a first degree felony, robbery as a second degree felony, terrorizing as a third degree felony and two counts of special allegations of special use of a weapon in the commission of a felony.

In January of this year, Camacho brought handcuffs and a knife to the Micronesian Mall and kidnapped a nineteen year-old woman from the parking garage.  He chose the wrong victim.  Instead of submitting, she fought back as hard as she could and screamed for help.  Camacho handcuffed the victim, threatened to kill her and then drove off with her.

The victim’s sister, who heard the screams, called the Guam Police Department.  GPD began a man-hunt for Camacho, and approximately 90 minutes later, found him and his victim at the Marbo Cave parking lot, where he menaced her with a knife. GPD Officer Corpuz arrested Camacho at gun point and freed the victim. Camacho was out on parole for third degree criminal sexual conduct case at the time of the offense.              

Camacho faces up to 90 years imprisonment and will be sentenced on December 15th at 10:00 a.m. by Judge Sukola, who will ultimately determine his length of incarceration. The Office of the Attorney General intends to seek the maximum range of imprisonment.

“The apprehension and conviction of the defendant would not be possible without the bravery of the victim and hard work of the Guam Police Department, who quickly responded to the emergency call,” said Assistant Attorney General Gerald Henderson.

“I want to also thank the victim for her continued courage   facing her abductor in court re-living her terrifying ordeal.  I want to commend the victim’s sister for immediately alerting the Guam Police Department and providing the information that led to the victim’s rescue by GPD from an even worse tragedy,” added Attorney General Leonardo M. Rapadas.