Lack of affordable housing options still a major problem


The lack of affordable housing options still tops the list of service gaps for the homeless population on Guam.

Angelina-Marie C. Lape, Guam Homeless Coalition chairperson, referred to findings from the PIT count and HMIS data during Thursday morning’s weekly OHAPP and homeless interagency meeting.

Aside from the lack of affordable housing, Lape listed some other service gaps for the homeless, including the lack of affordable childcare and transportation to get and sustain employment.

But Lape said one of the biggest gaps is still the availability of affordable housing and there are also limited housing options for the differently-abled.

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“In fact, according to the recent Guam Housing Study and Needs Assessment…they are saying that we need an additional 490 affordable housing units to accommodate homeless households in the coming years. The units that are available are not adequate for their needs,” Lape said.

She said overall, there are a limited number of landlords who are willing to rent their units. And those that are available often do not fall within the fair market rental rates.

The coalition is made up of nonprofit organizations involved in delivering a continuum of services for Guam’s homeless.