Lack of House Speaker puts official activity on hold

Senator James Moylan (file photo)

Similar to here in Guam – due to the 118th Congress not electing a Speaker of the House – the introduction of legislation and other official activity have yet to begin

The new Congress have yet to vote in a Speaker of the House – leaving the chamber in a state of limbo – says ABC News.

Republican Leader – Kevin McCarthy’s quest for the gavel is currently being stumped with hardliners demanding concessions.

According to ABC News, in order to become Speaker – the GOP Leader needs a majority of the members present and voting. However, because the GOP only has a five seat advantage – a small number of votes defecting from the group is causing the delay.

Similar to hear in Guam – until a Speaker is chosen the House cannot conduct official business.

In a media release from Guam’s Delegate-elect James Moylan, it says that the delay, “unfortunately prevents the adoption of the Standing Rules and the Swearing in of the Member-elects.”

Despite the delay, the Delegate-elect says that he has spoken to other colleagues to discuss introducing legislation – as well as co-sponsoring a bill with Puerto Rico which would involve Supplementary Security Income for residents of Guam, Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and the Virgin Islands.

According to ABC News – a fourth round of voting for House Speaker is expected to resume after the chamber gathers again at noon stateside time tomorrow.