Lack of social distancing seen during first day of return to school

John F. Kennedy High School. (PNC file photo)

As Guam Department of Education students returned to school today for their first day of face-to-face learning, a violation of social distancing rules was observed in one of the public schools.

NewsTalk K57 On-the-Go reporter Dan Bradley reported that upon passing John F. Kennedy High School, he observed students close together without the required social distancing as a line formed in the entrance to the school.

Just to make sure, Bradley turned around and passed by the school several more times and he saw the same thing.

There was a line at the entrance because students were being screened before being allowed to enter the school.

Erika Cruz, GDOE deputy superintendent, said social distancing was “absolutely” one of the rules that GDOE is enforcing and that if there was a violation of this, it would be addressed immediately.

“The thing about school administrators is that they learn from the mistakes that are made. So if there is an issue with physical distancing in the morning, you know, about getting the kids scanned as far as their temperature, and if there is an issue with physical distancing, then that’s something that’s going to be addressed immediately. We are not being lax as far as physical distancing or any requirements that the Division of Environmental Health has put on. And we’ve been very transparent,” Cruz said in an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo.