Session Continues With Debate on Bill That Would Change Requirements for Senior GPD Positions


Guam – The legislative session continued Tuesday with discussion on a bill that would change the requirements for senior positions at the Guam Police Department. 

Senator Adolpho Palacios’ Bill 466  would, among other things, amend the qualifications for the appointment of a Chief of Police.

The bill adds to the current requirements various things including a requirement that the Chief of Police have no misdemeanor conviction involving moral turpitude.

It also removes the requirement for a polygraph exam instead making this test an option for whoever is conducting a background investigation of the appointee.

Lawmakers also discussed Bill 473 which would reprogram limited obligation highway bonds to improve the availability of DPW school buses by refurbishing selected school buses, performing overdue preventative maintenance services, purchasing tools and equipment for school bus maintenance and repairing facilities at DPW bus substations.