Land Management Responds to Klitzkie FOIA but Leaves Out Key Document


Former Senator Bob Klitzkie says he received 29 emails with 50 attachments last Friday, none of which contained the draft he was looking for.

Guam – Despite a memorandum issued by the Attorney General herself, the debate over a multimillion dollar church property is not over yet.

Former Senator Bob Klitzkie says he received 29 emails with 50 attachments from Department of Land Management Director Mike Borja last Friday.

Borja was responding to Klitzkie’s Freedom of Information Act request for all correspondence in reference to the disputed certificate of title for the church property, as well as copies of a draft of a petition Borja had noted he was going to file in Superior Court.

However, Klitzkie says among a plethora of documents, no draft was provided.

The controversy surrounds the Redemptoris Mater Seminary. The Archdiocese of Agana last October published in their newspaper an erroneous certificate of title.

Klitzkie maintains the only way to correct the mistake is to file a petition in Superior Court.

However, at the advice of Assistant Attorney General Kristan Finney, Borja followed a different law, which allows duplicates produced by the title’s owner to be used in re-issuing the corrected version. That’s the advice Finney gave in March.

“This is a memo from Kristan Finney dated January 6,” Klitzkie points out, referring to an email from Finney to Borja, noting that Finney, “says the only that you can correct an erroneous certificate of title is by petitioning the court.”

We asked Klitzkie what he thinks the absence of a draft could mean.

“Well it means more questions. What it means to me is who are we trying to accommodate or are we trying to accommodate somebody? Are we trying to cover for somebody?” what’s going on?”

You can read the letter Klitzkie sent to AG Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson this morning by clicking on the file below.