Land transfer bill to make new public transit facility a reality

Guam Regional Transit Authority (PNC file photo)

Public Transportation Chair Jose “Pedo” Terlaje, Vice-Chair Mary Camacho Torres, and Vice Speaker Tina Rose Muña Barnes introduced Bill 131-36 (LS) to transfer the empty lot between Juan M. Guerrero Elementary School and the Harmon Substation to the Guam Regional Transit Authority for the purpose of constructing a public transit facility for the residents of Guam.

This facility is to be built using a $9.2 million grant from the Federal Transit Authority for a park and ride facility to help ease traffic congestion and to reduce the amount of wear and tear on our roads.

“We have an unprecedented opportunity this year to build up our public transportation infrastructure and we must seize every opportunity for federal funds to build the public transit system we need,” stated Terlaje. “The Guam Regional Mass Transit Authority and its hard-working employees, as well as its executive manager Cel Babauta, have been doing a tremendous job in trying to build up a more robust and accessible public transit system.”

Park and Ride operations are facilities that residents can park their personal vehicles and make use of public transportation to get to their offices or appointments. These facilities are in use all over the world, and it’s benefits include lower fuel costs for residents, more time to rest by being driven to work, and less carbon monoxide polluting our atmosphere. The facility will be entirely paid for with federal funds. The federal government only requires that the local government provide the land for the project.

According to the National Council of State Legislatures, all 50 states have employed a park and ride facility in an attempt to alleviate traffic in urban areas. This measure will allow Guam to begin providing public transportation to its residents in earnest.

“Safe and reliable transportation is essential to Guam’s economy,” said Vice Chair Torres. “Bill 131-36 (LS) brings us one step closer to enhancing our transport infrastructure—helping us achieve better economic opportunities and improve the quality of life for all.”

“We must come together, in the spirit of inafa’maolek, to use the resources now being made available to us to build a public transit system that we can be proud of. From public transportation grants like this one to the infrastructure bill making its way through Congress, the opportunity to build up our public transit infrastructure is greater than ever before,” said Vice Speaker Muña Barnes.

Bill 131-36 can be found here:

Click to access Bill%20No.%20131-36%20(LS).pdf

(Senator Jose “Pedo” Terlaje Release)


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