Large Fire On Cross-Island Road Burns At Least 100 Acres


NWS has warned that this will be a harsh dry season. 

Guam – The National Weather Service has warned that this year we will have a particularly harsh dry season and and increased chance of fires. Today the largest fire so far this season blazed a hundred acres of grasslands along cross island road.



 This is just the beginning of the dry season on Guam. “We’re looking at a bad dry season this year and along with that comes a bad fire season,” said GFD PIO Kevin Reilly adding, “This is probably our biggest one this year at least.”

 GFD PIO Kevin Reilly says they received a call about a fire along Cross Island Road at about 11:30 this morning. GFD, Department of Agriculture’s Forestry Division, Homeland Security and even the Naval Firefighters were working on extinguishing the blaze today. “We’re looking at least 100 acres here or 20 hectares give or take we’re gonna get more accurate information once we get this thing under control,” said Reilly.

 GFD had about five engines or 25-30 fire fighters, forestry had three units on the scene and the Navy provided it’s HSC-25 helicopters to provide bucket drops. The fire engulfed a lot of civilian property but it also pushed into the Naval Magazine area.

 Ken Calvo went home for lunch when he found a fire raging in the valley behind his house. In fact the fire singed the edges of his back yard. “I had my grandsons my tenants we get all the water hoses and we assisted the fire department and we contained the fire around the house,” said Calvo.

 Reilly reminds the public that it’s illegal to burn trash or green waste without a permit. He also reminds the public not to toss cigarettes out of their cars and he reminds the public that arson or intentionally lighting a grass fire is a serious crime.