Last Day of School for DOE May Be Sooner to Accommodate FestPac Delegates Housing

DOE also needs more manpower during FestPac.

Guam – There are only 74 days left until the largest cultural event of the region: The Festival of the Pacific Arts. But before the opening ceremonies, delegates will be arriving a few days earlier…but will they have housing ready at the Guam Department of Education schools?


“My commitment is that we’ll be ready,” states GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez.
Fernandez says the eight schools that were selected to house the thousands of delegates flying in for the event will be ready in time…however, with how things are looking like in the logistics side, he might need to ask the Guam Education Board to release students a little earlier than the planned last day of school on May 20th. 
Fernandez explains, “Working with the initial information we have, we believe that closing on May 20th, that would give us sufficient time to turnover the facility. I think after looking at the number of delegates, the number of schools needed, and all the work for transition, we’re going to need a few more days, I don’t know what the number will be.”
When exactly are the delegates going to arrive? Fernandez says, “That information is coming from the planning committee, when they communicate that to me, I’d like to err on the side of caution to be able to prepare the earliest scenario so we can go from there.”
Another concern is the amount of manpower GDOE can provide. “Right now we’re looking at staffing component needed to transition the schools into housing facilities, operate those schools while FestPac is going on and then clean up,” expresses Fernandez. 
Fernandez says over the next couple of months, GDOE will be working closely with the department’s calendar commitee, the board, FestPac’s planning committee, and the school administrators. He assures, “From now until then, we’re going to be working very hard to make sure that we address our school calendar, the needs of our students, and once we’re released, to be able to have those facilities up and running ready to receive the delegates from the other countries.”