Latest sex abuse case does not involve church


The accuser names a former Boy Scout volunteer who had no ties to the church.

Guam – Two more cases of institutional sexual abuse have been filed in District Court, but for the first time since the lawsuits have been pouring in, one of the cases does not name the Catholic Church.

That particular case was filed by T.P.J., now 56 years old, who claims he was raped by Boy Scout volunteer Edward Pereira who has since passed away. T.P.J. says it happened in the early 1970s; on numerous occasions Pereira would molest him during car rides.

On one occasion, T.P.J. says Pereira locked him in a storage room and violently raped him. T.P.J. tried to break free and begged the Boy Scout volunteer to stop but says he was too strong. About a year later, during another camping trip, T.P.J. says Pereira tried to sodomize him but fortunately this time he was able to escape.

The second case involves a former San Vicente student A.W.C. Now 44 years old, A.W.C. says when he was in the 7th grade, San Vicente Catholic School teacher and also a priest, Father Ray Techaira, molested then raped him during an overnight stay at the rectory.

Overnight stays at various church rectories were common in the past for altar boys as priests often got parents’ permission with the excuse that it’s more convenient for their children to help with mass the next morning.

A.W.C. is seeking $5 million in damages while T.P.J. is seeking $10 million.