Latest sex abuse victim says 2 other Boy Scouts leaders also raped him


Father Louis Brouillard is facing multiple allegations of sexual abuse.

Guam – Yet another lawsuit filed against the church but this time the complaint details sexual abuse not by one but by at least two other boy scout leaders during a camping trip at Ypao Beach in the 1970s.

The most recent case is now the 71st lawsuit to be filed against the Archdiocese of Agana for civil claims of sexual abuse. Like many of the other lawsuits filed, it dates back to the 1970s and details rape committed by former Guam priest and Boy Scout master Father Louis Brouillard.


The lawsuit was filed by a 54-year-old man with the initials A.N.D. who is represented by Atty. David Lujan. A.N.D. says he was just 11 years old at the time he was first raped. It happened in 1974 during a camping trip at Ypao Beach for a Boy Scout Jamboree session in which each village’s Boy Scout troop met at Ypao Beach during the summer for 2 weeks.

One night, according to the complaint, Brouillard went around the tents and handpicked 10 boys, including A.N.D., took them to a nearby building and sexually abused all the boys.

“This happened every night for the remaining seven days of the jamboree. Each time, A.N.D. was terrified and cried as Brouillard sexually molested and raped him,” the complaint states.

A.N.D. remained with the Boy Scouts and the following summer, in 1975, he participated in another jamboree summer camp. Again, according to A.N.D., Brouillard repeatedly raped him.

“Every time A.N.D. resisted and fought back, Brouillard became more sexual,” the complaint states.

Finally, on the last night of the summer camp and after the horrendous experience of being abused, A.N.D. says he threatened to report the abuse but Brouillard countered that no one would believe him. The lawsuit also identifies another individual by name, Talofofo Troop Scout Master Joe Tudela. According to the suit, when A.N.D. attempted to walk home on his own, Tudela stopped him and forced him to go back to camp. And as if being raped by a scout master and priest wasn’t enough, A.N.D. says when he went back to his tent that night, “two older scout leaders took turns raping A.N.D.”

A.N.D. says in his lawsuit that despite quitting the Boy Scouts that year he was invited to another jamboree summer camp the following summer. He refused and reported the sexual abuse to Tudela but says Tudela laughed at him and called him a liar.

A.N.D. is seeking $10 million in damages.

You can read the complaint by clicking on the file below.