Guthertz Demands Lather Explain GLUC Approval of Younex & Ukudu Variances


Guam – In what she calls “a sharply worded letter,”  Senator Judi Guthertz is challenging Guam Land Use Commission [GLUC] Chairman Jay Lather to explain GLUC’s zoning variance that allowed construction to begin on the Younex Towers in Jonestown.

In a release to the media, Senator Guthertz says she has “demanded an explanation of how two legally troubled and yet to be completed Guam construction projects gained their variances from the Commission.”

In response, Lather told PNC News Wednesday that he did not find Guthertz’s letter to him to be sharply worded.

He said he will respond in writing to Guthertz soon.

However he strongly denied Guthertz’s rumors and he doesn’t know where she is getting the rumors. He also stated firmly that there has been “absolutely no interference with the land use commission by either governor Camacho or Calvo.”

In addition he defended the GLUC saying the commission is is one of the most respected on Guam.

Guthertz’s Release goes onto state:

It’s a matter of public record that both projects required G.L.U.C. variances to start construction and, according to Senator Guthertz, the widespread public view is that “political influence” brought about the variances.

The unfinished Jonestown luxury condominiums, on which construction had already stopped, received another blow recently when Guam Superior Court found the variances the project received were defective. “Would you please comment on this, describing how such an important process on such an important project could go so wrong?” Senator Guthertz asked.

The Younex worker housing near Two Lover’s Point has also faced continuing questions about its impact on Northern Guam water resources and its relationship with permitting agencies, including the G.L.U.C.

As to the continued reports of political efforts behind the projects, Senator Guthertz told Lather:

“The public deserves a clear official statement either debunking these two rumors or admitting to political influence being exerted. At a time when the military buildup is focusing much attention on construction projects as well as the related permitting and other local government involvement, the last thing we need is for the integrity of our system to be impugned by such reports.”