Latte Amateur Baseball Has Started


Guam – Last night was the first game for the Latte Amateur Baseball League.  It’s a league that’s considered a recreational league and brings together local talents from the whole spectrum of baseball experience.

The league is promoting a quick moving baseball game, which is why there’s only 7 innings a game.  Teams are only allowed 5 players in the Budweiser Baseball league teams based on their activity of play and also masters baseball players are welcomed on teams too.  More importantly, it’s a league that encourages those who have been absent from the game to return to the diamond and may be used as a springboard to get into a BBL team. And allows players to shake of the dust and get back on the field.

Since it is more of a recreational league the more experienced talent is littered with players that might not have played for awhile.  Latte Amateur Baseball commissioner Bill Bennett says the inspiration for the league was really BBL players who didn’t get on the field as much as others.  From there the ball started rolling.

Last night the Latte Amateur Baseball played their first game with approx 175 paid attendane.  The Agana Heights King Car Chiefs played the Piti Pirates.  Close game tied up 3-3 going into the 5th inning before the Chiefs broke it open with two big innings and won 13-3 in 6 innings. Also, the league made some minor repairs to the Paseo field with waterblasting, a manicure of the field and fixing some broken seats in the stands.  There are games every night at seven and the weekend adds two more games, one at 12 and one at 3.  There are 18 teams in league.