Law Enforcement Officers Rappel Off of Buildings as Part of Training


Law enforcement officers from the 9th Cycle SWAT Training Program were seen rappelling off of the Pacific Star Resort and Spa today.

Guam – Here’s something you don’t see every day: law enforcement officers rappelling off of hotel buildings.

No need to be alarmed, it was all part of a training for the 9th Cycle SWAT program. Guam Police Spokesman Officer AJ Balajadia says this type of training is one of the requirements to becoming a full time SWAT officers.

In addition to trainees, those who are already SWAT certified and a few who recently graduated from the Judiciary’s own training program joined in as well.

“We have several officers who are gonna be practicing rappelling off the side of this building plus we have our hexacopters that will be filming them practicing these maneuvers so that when we can take a look at the footage, we can learn from possible mistakes or preventing possible mistakes, or things that might need to be adjusted as they go through this training so it’s a good benefit to have.

This may look like a lot of fun, but Balajadia says this is serious stuff and not just anybody can do this. In fact, he says, there were several briefings held for the officers who participated in this training. Safety is their top priority, he says.