Lawmakers Appropriate approxmiately $100k for Facility Maintenance


With the continued discussion of appropriations for various government departments, the Guam Department of Education’s facility maintenance was one of the main topics of discussion during today’s hearing.

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About $90,00 was appropriated to GDOE for the teacher pay study but it has not expended any of that funding for the study and according to Senator Frank Blas Jr. GDOE has an additional $10,000 provided by the department of administration

Moreover, this amendment provides the opportunity to redirect that money from that account to focus more on the maintenance requirements GDOE needs to function including plumbing or fixtures in the cafeteria among other things.

Earlier this morning, Senator Frank Blas Jr. introduced proposed funding of A.C. units for the Guam Department of Education, but they had to postpone the conversation until GDOE officials could join them later in the hearing.

The amendment passed with only a few questions from the senators in attendance such as the teacher pay study being completed before taking the funds as well as making sure the staff has a say in what their school needs.

Superintendent Francis Santos said, “The process is, you go to your photos, the teacher, for example, will have an issue in the classroom and go to the principal or the staff there and recognize what the needs are or the problem and it makes its way up to Tiyan and the first line are the deputy superintendents.”

According to Francis Santos they are currently in the needs assessment process but their plan of execution is as follows; air conditioning systems, canopies, walkways, restroom repairs, and more down the line.

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