Lawmakers Consider Making More Handicap Parking Spaces Available


Guam – Lawmakers gathered int he legislative hearing room this morning to hear public testimony on bills relating to transportation and disabilities.

The first item up for consideration was Senator Frank Aguon Jr.’s Bill 478 which would allow for the Department of Revenue and Taxation to have staff work off-hours to expedite the issuance of some Drivers Licenses.

While no one came to testify on the bill Senator Judi Guthertz spoke in favor of the measure saying that a number of first time license applicants have approached her saying that the long process has kept them from being able to a take a job.

“We need to be responsively creative in how we approach these basic services until we’ll be able to hire a lot more folks in the government to meet this increasing demand.” Guthertz said.  “If the applicants are willing to pay the extra money in order to have that service after hours we need to be supportive of that.”

Testimony was also heard on Bill 486 which would allow for more accessible parking spaces to be made available for people with disabilities around the island.

Guam Police Department C.A.P.E. Volunteer Joseph Branch testified in favor of the bill saying that handicapped parking spaces are not only limited but they are often too small.

“Can I tell you how hard it is to get out from a wheelchair and they are only giving you two feet clearance?” Branch asked.

The Bill authored by Senator Guthertz would also allow for increased enforcement against the abuse of handicap parking spaces.