Lawmakers Discuss Child Care Facility Rules and Regulations


Guam – Lawmakers spent most of the day in the Committee of the whole.


Senators went into the committee of the whole to discuss bill 70 which establishes the administrative rules and regulations for child care centers and group child homes. Senator’s went page by page through the 68 page long bill. Senator Tony Ada asked whether compliance with the new rules and regulations would result in added expenses for child care centers and thus added costs to parents who place their kids there. “Is it gonna be $50 dollars a hundred or like it was reported last time in the media a $200 dollar increase?” asked Senator Ada.

“I think the biggest investment that the child care facilities would have to make is if they decide to have a outdoor playground area that they would have to follow guidelines that are part of the appendix of this legislation,” said Senator Rodriguez who authored the bill adding, “And so there was a number of $200 dollars that was brought up but that wasn’t an accurate amount.”

According to the language in bill 70 the administrative rules and regulations for child care facilities on Guam are antiquated which is why the legislation seeks to adopt an updated set of rules.