Lawmakers Discuss Bill to Deal with Invasive Species


Guam – Lawmakers were back in session today discussing a number of bills.


 Among the bills discussed wer bill 95 which would expand the Chamorro language and culture curriculum in public schools, bill 115 which would require two appraisals for the CLTC to lease property and Senator Dhris Duenas’ bill 111 which establishes a bio security division to fight invasive species. Bill 111 has a good chance of passing after being reported out of committee with 11 votes of approval.

 “I know we’ve seen over the years now with the rhino beetle the cycad scale has pretty much eliminated our Fadang tree so we really need this bill in terms of trying to prevent invasive species from coming to Guam but if they do make it through our borders to ensure that we can combat them,” said Senator Duenas.

 The bill will also establish an invasive species fee on imports that should generate about $2 million dollars a year.