Lawmakers Discuss Bill to Fund Court Ordered Improvements to DOC


Electronic Locking System May Need to be Sole-Sourced

Guam – Lawmakers were discussing a bill today (Weds) to providing funding to DOC in order to meet some recent court ordered improvements to the facility.



 Bill 22 would authorize the Governor to transfer five hundred thousand dollars from fiscal year 2015 appropriations to comply with U.S. district court Judge Alex Munsons order in the Department of Corrections consent decree case requiring DOC to establish a health record format and informed consent forms, pharmaceutical operations and an electronic locking system among other things. The A.G.’s office has been working with DOC and Deputy A.G. Fred Nishihara told lawmakers they are looking spending $1.6 million dollars on a very basic electronic locking system. “The nutshell is we’re looking at a very aggressive procurement schedule certainly Mr. Vice-Chair this bill would help us because what I’ve come to realize and this is only meeting with Mr. Perez two times is we may need some expertise. We don’t have the luxury of going out and doing an RFP to bid this out we may have to do the best to look around at whose available that can meet our needs so that’s why we’ve asked for the sole source strictly to meet this court order,” said Nishihara. The senators were discussing the bill in the committee of the whole today. Session was recessed and they will continuing discussing the bill when they resume session tomorrow Thurs. at 9a.m.