2011 Budget APPROVED: $720M in Spending; $535M for GovGuam Operations


Guam – Lawmakers passed the fiscal year 2011 budget late Friday afternoon. The budget outlines how GovGuam will spend the $720 million dollars that it is estimated to receive.


They adopted a revenue projection of $720 million dollars, then they quickly divied that up using $535 million for government operations. The remainder of the $720 million went to tax refunds and debt service. Legislative budget chairman Senator Ben Pangelinan explained saying, “$100 million dollars of that will go to income tax refunds and then we’ve got our obligations with our outstanding line of credit and our debts.”

GovGuam’s total debt service is $67 million dollars. Debt service is GovGuam’s version of loan payments for it’s various bond borrowing efforts. After setting aside money first for tax refunds and debt service GovGuam was left with $535 million dollars for government operations. This is $5 million less than the 2010 budget. We broke the $535 million down focusing only on the major agencies who received the bulk of funding.

The executive branch will receive a total of $12.7 million dollars. The Office of the Governor will get most of this with $6.6 million dollars followed by the office of military affairs with $2.2 million dollars.

A little over $86 million dollars will be given to public safety. This will give GPD $30.3 million, GFD $31.6 million, DOC $19.1 million, and DYA $4.5 million. Homeland security will get a total of $8.8 million dollars with all of it going to Customs and Quarantine. The island’s health related agencies will get a little over $72 million. DISID will get $4.8 million, Mental Health and Substance Abuse will get $12.9 million, Public Health and Social Services $41.5 million, GMH $12.1 million and the Medical Referral Office will get $644 thousand dollars.

As always, the bulk of the budget will go to Guam’s educational facilities. They will receive about $228.7 million dollars with most of this going to the Department of Education. DOE will get $182.2 million dollars. UOG will get $30.6 million and GCC will get $13.3 million.

Transportation will get a total of $29.5 million dollars. DPW was appropriated most of this with $25 million and the Guam Regional Transit Authority will get the rest with $4.4 million dollars.

Senator Pangelinan says this years budget focuses on paying down debts as well as collecting and refunding more taxes.