Lawmakers pass illegal dumping and recycling bill

The Legislature discussed the minimum wage bill during its session today.

Lawmakers during session Monday unanimously passed Bill 198-35, a measure which seeks to address illegal dumping and wasteful trash practices.

Introduced by Sen. Sabina Perez, the legislation adopts rules and regulations that would allow the Guam Environmental Protection Agency to fund islandwide recycling efforts and eventually expand other solid waste disposal/recycling programs.

Even before the vote, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle expressed support for Bill 198-35 (LS), according to a legislative update sent by Sen. Regine Biscoe Lee, chair of the rules committee.

According to Sen. Perez, activities that can be funded if these rules are enacted into law include:

* The removal of waste like junk vehicles, tires, batteries, waste oil, white goods, and appliances, paper, cardboard, plastic, and glass; and

* The expansion of current recycling efforts, like the Guam Beverage Container Recycling Program, the Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan, the Green Waste Plan, and the Disaster Debris Management and Zero Waste Grants Program.

“Bill 198-35 is an important milestone since the creation of the Recycling Revolving Fund in 2003. This measure restores functionality and accountability to the Recycling Revolving Fund, and will increase recycling and cleanup efforts island-wide,” Senator Perez said. “Bill 198-35 is the culmination of months of collaborative works. Thanks to efforts by Guam EPA, the AG’s Office, the Governor’s Office, and the Mayors’ Council of Guam, we’re now on the verge of fulfilling the promise of the Recycling Revolving Fund. With hard work and a commitment to vision, we’re able to make difficult goals a reality.”

The measure now goes to the governor’s office for her signature.