Lawmakers tackle coronavirus-related bills in emergency session

The Legislature will hold an emergency session next week Tuesday.

Lawmakers gathered in the legislature on Thursday for an emergency session to discuss several bills related to COVID-19.

Spaced apart for social distancing and wearing gloves and masks, all 15 senators showed up to discuss at least 11 bills on the agenda.

The session started late and there were several recess breaks leading to long delays in discussions on the bills.

One of the most crucial measures the senators are discussing is a bill to give the governor more authority to crack down on her stay-at-home orders.

At her afternoon news conference, Leon Guerrero said her team is working on a plan to implement the added measures.

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“As soon as the bill is passed, I will sign it into law right away, I expect it to be implemented either the day after or the second day after, just to give people the notification and the ability to understand that that’s what’s coming down. And to educate them on what the procedure and process is going to be,” the governor said.

The bill would allow the governor added authority during any declared state of public health emergency.

It includes curfew powers, using police officers or the military to help enforce rules, and fines of up to $5,000 for anyone defying the governor’s executive order.