Lawmakers to Present Resolution Offers Condolences to Japanese People to Consul This Morning


Guam  –  Guam lawmakers will present Resolution No. 50-31(LS) to the Consul General of Japan this morning [Tuesday].

The Resolution expresses condolences to and support for the people of Japan in the wake of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear tragedies that have struck that country.

The resultion will be presented to the Counsul in the Session Hall just before noon today.

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*Resolution No. 50-31(LS):    Relative to expressing humble and sincere condolences and sympathy to the people of Japan for the horrific loss of life, suffering and physical damage caused by an act of Mother Nature in the form of a magnitude 8.9 offshore earthquake and accompanying 33-foot tsunami which directly affected the city of Sendai, the capital of the Miyagi Prefecture in Japan.

In addition, the Consul General will make available to all Senators and staff of  the Legislature a condolence book for those wishing to express sympathy for the victims of the Earthquake and Tsunami.