Lawsuit over Lujan’s Non-Payment of Fees Will Proceed in California


Guam – The California Court of Appeal has denied Guam Attorney David Lujan’s request for a stay in a case brought by Calvo & Clark against Lujan for non-payment of over $1 million in legal fees.

According to a release from the Calvo & Clark law firm, the decision means that the case against Lujan will be tried in Superior Court in San Francisco.

The news release states:

Lujan argued that California did not have jurisdiction over him and was a less convenient forum than Guam.   On July 12, 2010 the California court rejected Lujan’s arguments and denied his motion.   Lujan filed a writ petition and request for a stay with the California Court of Appeal on October 1, 2010 to stop the California collection case.  Within seven days the California appellate court rejected Lujan’s petition, confirming that Calvo & Clark’s collection case against Lujan will proceed in California.

Calvo & Clark originally filed suit against Lujan on April 1, 2010 in San Francisco Superior Court alleging that Lujan had refused to pay the firm’s legal bills despite Calvo & Clark’s successful representation of Lujan in a high-stakes lawsuit filed in California against David Lujan by his former client, Junior Hillbroom.

In that action Junior Hillbroom alleged he was told by the FBI that Lujan had stolen money from him and thereafter learned that Lujan had unlawfully changed the contingent fee agreement from 38% to 56% taking tens of millions of dollars that Hillbroom was entitled to.  Hillbroom was a minor at the time and claims to have been unaware of Lujan’s alleged illegal conduct.  The trustee of Hillbroom’s trust, who is also a defendant in the Hillbroom California action, has admitted Hillbroom’s claims against Lujan.

After many months of hard-fought litigation, Calvo & Clark was successful in getting Lujan dismissed from the California case.  However, Hillbroom has refiled the lawsuit against Lujan in the CNMI.  That action is pending.  There are also two other related pending proceedings against Lujan in Hawaii.

“It’s been disappointing to us that David would fail to pay his legal bills after we achieved a significant victory for him in California,” said Eduardo Calvo of Calvo & Clark.  “The latest ruling by the court brings us one step closer to resolution of the case.”