Lawyers now allowed to advise clients on cannabis


A major barrier to the local cannabis industry has been lifted after the Supreme Court authorized a change to the Guam Bar’s professional code of conduct.

The new amendment allows island lawyers to provide legal assistance to clients on cannabis-related matters.

Without the help of local lawyers, many potential cannabis businesses and adult-use patients have had their hands tied from fully participating in the program. But language in the promulgation order now provides clarity for those who want to seek legal guidance.

The order says: “A lawyer may counsel or assist a client regarding Guam’s marijuana and cannabis-related laws. If Guam law differs from federal law, the lawyer shall also advise the client regarding the federal law and policy.”

In an interview with K57’s Andrea Pellacani, Judiciary director of policy planning and community relations Shawn Gumataotao said the order took effect on Nov. 8.

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“This is an important step for those individuals who would be seeking legal advice. The promulgation of the order, which was signed on the 8th of November, gives them the ability to do that,” Gumataotao said.

Adult-use cannabis proponents on Guam also see the order as a huge step.

Managing partner for Grassroots Guam, Janine Sablan said: “This is a major victory for cannabis patients and potential businesses who have not had access to legal advice for five years.”