Leaning Building Prompts Power Outage & Closure of Marine Corp Drive Thru East Haganta Sunday Afternoon


Guam – Under demolition for the past week, the old Island Tinting building along Marine Corp Drive in East Hagatna threatened to tip over on its own Sunday. As a result, Guam Police ordered the demolition work to stop, and called in engineers to determine how to bring the building down safely, without crashing into the roadway and taking the adjacent power line with it.


Sometime Sunday morning the building began to take a decided tilt towards Route 1. Police ordered the ongoing demolition work to stop.

Its not clear whether the series of earthquakes more than 200 miles WSW of Guam over this past weekend played any role in causing the abandoned building to start its lean towards the roadway.

A construction worker at the scene, who declined to be identified, told PNC News that because of the building’s I-Beam construction there is “no real danger” of it falling down.”

But Guam Police were not taking any chances.

About 12:30 the 3 north bound lanes of Marine Corp Drive were closed off. North bound traffic was allowed to continue in the center turning lane.

Two more backhoes were called in to join the one already on the scene and then traffic in both the north and south bound lanes was shut down along with power to the area.

The backhoes went to work and brought the rest of the building, safely down within an hour.


GPA Spokesman Art Perez told PNC News that power was shut off in East Hagatna from the old Nissan Auto City to the Alupang Beach Towers. The outage lasted about an hour. 

The event caused extensive traffic backups along Marine Corp Drive and Route 8.  Marine Corp Drive was re-opened and traffic back to normal by 4:30pm Sunday afternoon.