Lee Garden in Dededo shut down by public health

Lee Garden, Dededo shut down by public health inspectors

Guam – 8 live roaches and 16 dead ones were found at Lee Garden Restaurant in Dededo which was only one of the violations that led to its shutdown by Public Health inspectors on Monday.

According to the inspection report out of the Department of Public Health and Social Service’s Division of Environmental Health, just over half a dozen infractions were noted during their inspection of the Dededo establishment on Monday.

Following a complaint of leftover food and unwashed dishes attracting pests, several violations were confirmed, the most jarring of which was the presence of cockroaches, dead and alive throughout the establishment. They were found in the kitchen, kitchen storage area and the rice cooking room according to inspectors’ report.

The presence of roaches were noted despite Raid being found in the kitchen, a pest-killing product. The toxic chemical, not allowed within close proximity to the kitchen has been noted as a violation of food safety, to include an indoor fogger and concentrated Clorox also found in the kitchen and storage area of the restaurant.

Another serious infraction recorded was the absence of an employee health policy which is an initial requirement of any food establishment prior to its opening on Guam.

Also, poor and improper labeling of food products at Lee Garden were listed in the report, particularly tofu stored more than 24 hours without being date marked and fish oil being transferred out of its original container and into different containers with no labels.

In addition, a missing hand sink in the front service area and a leaking ware washing sink in the kitchen was also listed. This includes the lack of a metal stem-type food thermometer at every chiller, also a requirement of public health.

The hefty list of infractions forced Lee Garden’s doors closed which will remain closed until all the violations are remedied, the hundred dollar re-instatement fee is paid to DPHSS and a successful follow-up inspection is confirmed.