Lefever Charged With Hogtying 3-Year Old Boy; Says He Was “Bored”


Guam – 21 year old Jon Carson Lefever has been charged with child abuse and family violence for allegedly hog-tying his live-in girlfriend’s 3 year old boy.

Lefever is accused of tying the feet and hands of the boy with a thin white rope which left “burn scars” on the child’s wrists and ankles.

The boys mother, and Lefever’s girlfriend, was also charged with child abuse. Her name is Kayleen Rose Tenorio Benavente Castro. She told police that her son was being potty trained and every time her son has an accident or does not listen, Lefever spanked the boy with a belt.

READ the Lefever’s magistrates report in HERE

The magistrate’s report states that Lefever waived his rights and  admitted to Police that he tied the 3 year olds wrists to his ankles “because he was bored.”

Lefever also told police “he thought it was funny” when the 3 year old began to cry. And he said he was only ‘”messing’ with the baby boy  “when he wrapped scotch tape around the boys head and pulled the tape off, causing hair to be pulled” from the 3 year old’s head.