Legal Action By Judiciary Against DOA Averted; DOA Comes Through With $1.8 million


Guam – Under threat of legal action from the Guam Judiciary, the Department of Administration [DOA] today [Friday] released the funds mandated in the FY 2011 Budget for the operations of the Superior Court.

The Director of the Court’s Policy Planning and Administration, Maria Cenzon, confirmed to PNC News that they have received “a confirmation from the Front Office that $1.8M will be released to the court today by 3 p.m.

Up until now, DOA had only released $100-thousand dollars of the Court’s funds for this fiscal year.

Thursday, the Court released a statement saying that the Judicial Council  had voted “unanimously to authorize the Administrator of the Courts to bring an action against the Department of Administration [DOA] for a writ of mandamus compelling the Director to make the monthly deposits of the appropriations due to the Judiciary of Guam.

Cenzon said that the funding will allow court operations to continue and ensures that the Court will be able to make payroll this pay period.

Cenzon said that an additional $3.3 million allotment from DOA is due by December 31st.