Legislation advocates for the Veterans Assistance Helpline Act

Senator Telena Nelson (PNC file photo)

Senator Telena Nelson has introduced Resolution 234-36 (COR) expressing
the utmost support for S. 3284, the “Veterans Assistance Helpline Act of 2021” introduced
by Senator Jacky Rosen of Nevada.

S. 3284 will permanently establish a toll-free telephone helpline to obtain information
about resources and services provided by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.
The number will be an easy three-digit dialing code and connect Veterans to a “live”
individual instead of an automated recording.

“This toll-free hotline will positively impact our islands’ Veterans by eliminating the
cumbersome process they experience while trying to get assistance. The toll-free
hotline will help them have easy access to all Federal Assistance Programs and
information on health, job opportunities, education opportunities, and housing
programs. Our Veterans have bravely served and protected our island and our
nation. They deserve a simple and easy way to access the Department of Veterans
Affairs resources when needed.” said Senator Nelson.

“Thank you to Senator Rosen for introducing this legislation, and I look forward to
its passage. It is so important to provide our Veterans with all the support that they
need, and the Veterans Assistance Helpline Act streamlines the process of getting
information and assistance to them,” Senator Nelson added.