Legislative Ethics Committee reconvenes behind closed doors


Legislative Ethics Chairman, Senator Fernando Esteves says the private meetings are to allow for due process.

Guam – Multiple sources close to the Legislative Ethics Committee confirmed that another secret ethics hearing on Senator Jim Espaldon took place today.

Although Ethics Chairman Senator Fernando Esteves could not comment on the closed-door meetings, several sources said the hearings were conducted for the second day in a row.

Senator Esteves said on K-57’s Morning’s With Patti that the private investigation on the public figure was created to allow for due process.

“I can’t speak for how it is the legislature wants to proceed,” remarked the Ethics Chairman.

He added, “Part of the responsibility of the Ethics Committee is to really delineate between what may be fact or what may be hearsay, what may be gossip or what may be innuendo…So, it’s very important that information is discerned before it moves forward or to anywhere else it’s supposed to go,” he said.

Republican Senator Espaldon is under ethical investigation for allegations of conflict of interest and corruption regarding his involvement with a multi-million dollar procurement venture in Saipan.