Legislative Rep At Health Care Negotiating Table Says He Was and Still Is Bound Not To Reveal Details to Lawmakers


Guam – The representative from the Guam Legislature who participated in the negotiations with Calvo’s SelectCare for the 2011 health insurance coverage for GovGuam employees issued a statement Wednesday clarifying what he said were misconceptions on his role in those negotiations.

Senator Frank Aguon Jr. and other lawmakers have been criticised for their complaints about the premium rate hikes in the new insurance plan. members of the administration have said that they all should have known because they had a representative at the negotiating table.

Read Arriola’s Statement

But Arriola says that he was bound by a confidentiality agreement which prohibited him from sharing details of the negotiations with members of the legislature.

In his statement, Arriola writes:

1. “In my capacity as a member of the negotiating team, I was there to reflect the interests of all legislative employees. Similarly, the appointee from the Judicial branch was there to reflect the interests of all court employees and the appointee from the Retirement Fund was a retiree who was there to reflect the interests of all retirees.”

2. “At the beginning of my tenure, I was instructed by Department of Administration officials to not divulge any aspect of the proceedings to anyone outside the team. Consequently I never briefed any member of the Guam Legislature on the proceedings of the negotiating team.”

3.” I am still bound by the confidentiality requirements of the negotiating team and so I am not able to comment on the issue.”