Legislative Resolution Raises Concerns About FEIS


Guam – The Guam Legislature has adopted a Resolution that identifies significant defects in the Final Environmental Impact study on the Guam military buildup and and reiterates lawmakers major concerns about the buildup plan.

Resolution 444-30 (LS)  documents  the  timeline  of  the  Legislature’s  perspective and position on buildup planning, from pre‐DEIS to now post‐FEIS. It was sponsored  by  Federal Affairs  Committee  Chair  Senator  Rory  Respicio,  Speaker  Judi  Won  Pat,  and  Military Buildup  Committee  Chair  Senator  Judi  Guthertz  and  co‐sponsored  by  all  12  other senators.

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The major areas of concern cited in the resolution are the long‐standing federal territorial  issues,  financing,  land,  dredging  Apra  Habor,  Pågat  Village,  health  care, infrastructure,  housing,  pollution,  and  protection  and  preservation  of  our  natural resources and culture.

In a release, Senator Rory Respicio states:  “This relocation has been justified by the Department of Defense citing the need to relocate US troops to where they’re wanted and welcomed by the host government.  This buildup has been marketed on the issue of partnership and mutual benefit.    The  Department  of  Defense  and  the  US  federal  government  have  the  moral obligation to uphold their promises, because this massive expansion is going to change the face of Guam forever and for that, there is no mitigation.

Resolution 444 concludes that “it is imperative that the concerns of the people of Guam be assured and addressed in order for I Liheslatura, on behalf of the people of Guam, to give its support for the planned military expansion in Guam. The continued  disregard  of  these  vital  concerns  will  inevitably  foster  an  atmosphere  that makes  the  planned  expansion  an  unwanted  and  unwelcomed  activity  that  cannot  be supported I Liheslatura, on behalf of the people of Guam.