Legislature answers call from Inalåhan residents to honor historic name

Senator Telo Taitague (PNC file photo)

The 36th Guam Legislature approved Senator Telo Taitague’s Bill 60 which if signed into law by Adelup, officially recognizes the southern village of Inarajan by its name in Guam’s indigenous CHamoru language.

Cosponsored by Speaker Therese Terlaje and Senators Joanne Brown, Sabina Perez, Frank Blas, Jr., Tony Ada, Joe San Agustin, Chris Duenas, Telena Nelson, James Moylan, Clynton Ridgell, and Jose (Pedo) Terlaje, Bill 60 was introduced at the request of Inalåhan residents and is the first of several proposals Senator Taitague will put forward this term formally adopting CHamoru names for villages – consistent with guidance from the Kumision i Fino’ CHamoru.

The mayors of Agat, Umatac, and Merizo have also reached out to Senator Taitague for legislation recognizing their villages in the CHamoru language.

Senator Taitague issued the following statement on the passage of Bill 60:

“I thank Mayor Anthony Chargualaf and the community of Inalåhan for never giving up on their quest to honor their historic village name – and for all their help in perpetuating our CHamoru language, culture, and traditions.

Bill 60 is more than changing the name of a village on paper, it is about recognizing the critical role our CHamoru language serves in reminding us of our obligation to protect our land and natural resources, renewing our strength as a community that persevered in the face of unimaginable struggles throughout history, and in bringing people together through the spirit of Inafa’måolek and Gineftåo.”

(Senator Telo Taitague release)