Bill to Compensate Businesses Hurt by Road Construction Gets A Hearing


Guam – The legislature held a public hearing Friday on a number of  bills including one that would allow GovGuam to compensate business owners for interruptions on businesses caused by government construction.

Businesses along the Sinajana Rt. 4 intersection and the Barrigada tri-intersection have been severely impacted by road construction in those areas. The RPM auto shop is one of those businesses that has lost a lot of customers and a lot of money because of the construction at the tri-intersection.

RPM GM Mike Andersen testified today in favor of the measure. “It’ll definitely help us to survive this most of our businesses are in survival mode now so it’s a different type of business than your regular everyday business on Guam so we are in favor of it and just hope that we obtain the funds so that we can make the necessary improvements and adjustments within our companies because we still have about another nine months left of construction.”

 Lawmakers also heard a resolution that expresses the objection of the legislature to the us congress for restricting the voting rights of territorial and district congressional delegates.