Legislature Hears Bill That Would Fund Guam Museum and Purchase FaiFai Property


Guam – The Legislature’s Appropriations Committee herad testimony Tuesday on a measure that would permit the issuance of a bond to fund infrastructure projects, the construction of a Guam Museum and to acquire the property known as the FaiFai estate.

Although the bill includes plans to fund infrastructure and the Guam Museum, it was the provision to purchase the property in the Gun beach area known as the FaiFai estate drew the most comments.

According to the bill the area contains many historical artifacts as it was the site of an ancient Chamorro village. It is also an area that has had it’s ownership under dispute. “My goal is not to resolve any property claims or anything but if it’s available we have willing sellers it’s significant to Guam it provides an investment that will be a good return which is the preservation and continuation of our resources that will allow access to the people of Guam in the future I think it’s a good thing,” said Pangelinan.

Guam Visitors Buruea board member Bert Unpingco testified in opposition to the bill because he would rather see the proceeds go towards improving other historical sites on Guam as was done with the heritage trail in Hagatna.