Legislature hears Marine Conservation Act of 2017


Guam – Senator Tom Ada’s committee on environment land agriculture and procurement reform held a public hearing on a number of bills this morning.

Bill 105 grants administrative jurisdiction to 3.5 acres of land in the municipality of Yigo to the Guam Police Department. Bill 106 rezones a lot in the old officers housing area of the former Naval Air Station from agricultural to residential. Bill 49 classifies a small purchase as any procurement not exceeding 25 thousand dollars for supplies or services or 100 thousand dollars for construction. Bill 107 gives a lot of land in Talofofo to the Talofofo mayor and municipal planning council for agricultural purposes. Bill 115 gives administrative jurisdiction of a lot in Umatac to the Mayor and municipal planning council of Umatac. Bill 86 or the Marine Conservation Act of 2017. This act allows the director of the Department of Agriculture and the Director of the Bureau of Statistics and Plans to provide the necessary technical assistance to the mayor and municipal planning council of Umatac to designate Umatac bay and adjacent reef areas as a community based fishery managed area.