Legislature holds memorial service for former senator Michael J. Reidy

The 36th Guam Legislature held a state memorial service today for former senator Michael J. Reidy. (PNC video capture)

The Legislature this morning held State Memorial Services for the late Honorable Michael J. Reidy, former Senator of the Guam Legislature.

The late senator served in the 21st Guam Legislature, elected in 1990. He also served in the administrations of Governor Paul M. Calvo and Governor Joseph F. Ada, as policy and program development advisor and Bureau of Budget Management and Research director, respectively, as well as in the Office of the Speaker Thomas V.C. Tanaka.

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His contributions were not limited to his public service as the late Senator was also an avid athlete, serving as the first president of the Guam National Olympic Committee, leading in that capacity for over a decade. He was also active in the Guam Running Club, Guam Water Polo Club, Guam Amateur Sports Federation and was a stalwart in the Guam fishing community.

Former Senator Reidy passed away on March 30, 2021, in Frederick, Maryland.